Ryan Saunders, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®

Managing Director

A Welcome from Ryan Saunders

Welcome to the site for Ryan Saunders, Managing Director of the Northwestern Mutual Charlotte Office and Wealth Management Advisor with the Northwestern Mutual. Ryan Saunders and his team serve a variety of clients in the greater Charlotte area with special emphasis on assisting business owners and other individuals with products and services such as life insurance and investment solutions.

Hard work usually is essential in the quest for a secure financial future, but rarely can it do the job all by itself. Individuals and organizations may spend decades driving toward their goals only to find out one day that the resources generated are insufficient to satisfy needs. This can happen if anticipated needs or the ability to satisfy them are miscalculated, or if an unexpected event or change in conditions occurs to upset the equation. Regardless of the cause, nobody wants decades of hard work to culminate in financial vulnerability.

Ryan Saunders can help increase the chances that your hard work will be sufficient to satisfy your needs. He starts by learning all he can about you or your organization through conversation about the present, past and expected future, often raising issues that hadn't been considered. Next Ryan Saunders formulates financial solutions targeted to your needs and dreams. After implementing your choices, he keeps in touch to provide new suggestions as evolving conditions warrant.

Contact Ryan Saunders today to request a comprehensive planning review . . . a simple step that may have an enormous impact on your financial well-being for years to come.


My Mission

Ryan Saunders feels that he represents one of the finest financial services companies, Northwestern Mutual, and that his efforts and integrity should be without compromise. He recognizes the quality of the client relationship as the linchpin for success: Only by developing a full understanding of the situation can he determine the most appropriate course of action, and only by fostering an ongoing exchange of information can he keep the client headed in the right direction.

Ryan Saunders' mission as a wealth management advisor is to help you align your current financial picture with your future financial goals by performing a comprehensive financial analysis. Ryan Saunders will help you understand the complexity of issues faced by successful individuals like you and the importance of having a sound financial plan in place.

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Northwestern Mutual’s expected $5.5 billion dividend in 2015 will once again lead the industry.

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